Friday, April 15, 2011

I need to record a conversation that Kyrk and I had the other day. It went a little something like this....
Me, "I went over my budget again this month! Sorry, but I'm really trying!"
Kyrk (very nicely), "Well, maybe if you didn't spend so much on the house. You always buy bins and boxes and stuff."
Me, "WHAAT?!? I do NOT buy bins and boxes for the house! I think you THINK that I buy more than I really do."
Kyrk just nods and smiles that smile....

Fast forward a couple of days and I am yet again hauling my cart down the aisles of Wal-Mart. For some reason that I cannot recall, I am gloriously by myself. Whenever I am by myself I do tend to wander towards some aisles I will not name at this point. While I am wandering this song comes over the speakers

Hold me, hold me
Never let me go until you've told me, told me
What I want to know and then just hold me, hold me
Make me tell you I'm in love with you

Come on, you know it.... For some reason this song comes on every time I near my aisle. Did I say "MY" aisle, I mean this aisle.
As this song is playing I. see. it. IT. It is perfect. I need it in my life. Well, in my pantry anyway. It is a bin that compliments my existing bins in my pantry PERFECTLY. And I just happen to need a bin for my breads, of course. I pick it up and giddiness is coursing through my body when a voice comes into my head...."YOU ALWAYS BUY BINS....." Oh no. no no no. What am I going to do? If I buy it that means he's right. But what if I put it back, they could be gone next time. There are only 87 left, I counted. I am so torn! I MIGHT have debated for twenty min. but who's counting. I put it back, I swear I did! I am not sure how one, okay maybe two, ended up in my cart. I get the bin home and shamefully admit that I thought of hiding it for awhile. But... I really wanted to see how they looked in their new home (aka pantry). Maybe he wouldn't notice. I knew that was never going to fly. So when Kyrk gets home and opens the pantry and gives me the SMILE I just hold my head high and say, "You could POSSIBLY be right."
My name is Emma and I have a bin addiction. Step one.


April said...
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Niki said...

hahaha... that is funny :) :) it was me who deleted the previous post... for some reason it signed in as April :) :) Love you guys

Carolyn said...

This is a great story! Thanks for sharing.

I actually tend to spend more when I am shopping with my husband. When I'm alone, I (usually) stick to my list. When we are together, we tend to enable each other. Me: "This will put us over our budget." Him: "Do you really want it? I don't care. Let's get it." ... Which is why I have started shopping at the Lehi CostCo alone on my way home from work.

Carolyn said...

p.s. I'd love to see photos of your new play set. Kyrk said it was like Christmas morning when the kids saw it.

Gilbert Family said...

Bin addictions are just means you are very organized :) BE PROUD!!